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Your Law Partner® for Practicing Professionals and Business People

Ordinarily, people expect to have to pay when they take up a lawyer’s time. However, we extend a courtesy concept to other licensed professionals and business people serving a clientele by attempting to assist you to better serve your clients. We call our approach Your Law Partner®. We extend this to other lawyers as well. As Your Law Partner®, we would expect that you would feel free to call us at any time. So long as we are available (and do not have a conflict of interest), we will attempt to answer your questions, discuss the problem with you and provide whatever insight we can on a summary basis free of charge to assist your clients.

In situations where you do not wish to be an intermediary, we would be willing to speak with your clients and would extend the invitation of doing so initially at no charge to your clients. This would allow us to rapidly assess their problem and steer them to the appropriate professional if we cannot serve them. It also allows us to establish whether their problem is uneconomical to solve through legal processes or has an alternative solution. Often, that is all you or your clients will need.

Such preliminary advice is often very helpful to clients to assist them in deciding whether the problem is worth legal expenditure or not. In the meantime, you will have provided them with a valuable service at no cost, thereby enhancing your practice.

Of course, as a referring professional or business person, any personal legal problems you and your family might need help on would be treated with courtesy and generosity. If you believe it would assist your clients and your business, we would be honoured for you to consider us to be Your Law Partner®.