We Are Your Law Partner®

Ordinarily, people expect to have to pay when they take up a lawyer’s time. However, we extend a courtesy concept to other licensed professionals and business people serving a clientele by attempting to assist you to better serve your clients. We call our approach Your Law Partner®. We extend this to other lawyers as well.

As Your Law Partner®, we would expect that you would feel free to call us at any time. So long as we are available (and do not have a conflict of interest), we will attempt to answer your questions, discuss the problem with you and provide whatever insight we can on a summary basis free of charge to assist your clients.

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Firm Approach

Mulroney Siver Law takes a win-win approach to dealings with clients. We want you to consider us to be Your Law Partner® when you need help. We give you our undivided loyalty and look out for your best interests.

We listen to you and think outside the box. We have the right tools to meet your needs and goals. We share with you the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We explain the risks and opportunities.

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