Privacy Policy

1. Notice of Collection

We (David Mulroney Law Corporation doing business as Mulroney & Company) collect personal data through our constant interactions with our clients and others as we practice law. We keep records of most interactions that people have with our office. We have legal and professional obligations to collect and retain personal information.

2. Purpose

We only use the personal data collected for the purposes of meeting our legal obligations, better serving our clients and for carrying out our business operations, including promoting and delivering the services which our clients and the public require and which we offer.

3. Consent

We only disclose data we have collected when necessary to do so to carry out the instructions of our clients or when compelled to do so by law or when we have the appropriate consents. We are also bound by a professional duty of confidentiality not to disclose our client’s affairs except to the extent our clients have authorized us to do so, except under compulsion of law. The communications our clients have with us are usually protected by solicitor client privilege and rights of privacy, except where the information being conveyed is expected to be relayed to others.

4. Security

We take reasonable steps to keep our data secure from intrusion through appropriate physical deterrents such as alarm systems and removing any obsolete materials for storage or destruction. We also maintain up-to-date firewall security for our electronic copies of our documents and run up-to-date virus protections systems on all in house computers and all computers authorized to contact our systems. Due to concerns of costs and convenience, we generally use unencrypted emails unless specifically asked to do otherwise.

5. Obligations on Other Recipients

All of our professionals, employees and agents, and often even the professionals, employees and agents employed by opposing parties, are subject to professional and ethical obligations relating to the confidentiality of information received and can only disclose it and use it subject to those professional and ethical guidelines.