Real Estate Litigation and Foreclosure

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  • Breaking Deals, Rescissions and Actions Using Real Estate Development Marketing Act
  • Enforcing Deals, Specific Performance
  • Filings or Injunctions to Restrain Transfer of Property
  • Contaminated Site Claims and Defence
  • Examining Leases for Enforceability and Disputing Collateral Guarantees
  • Enforcing Leases and Guarantees
  • Foreclosure Defence and Workouts
  • Orders for Sale and Conduct of Sale Applications
  • Guarantee Defence
  • Trust and Tracing Claims
  • Damages for Latent Defects and Misrepresentations
  • Bidding Assistance on Court Sales
  • Distraint for Rent and Eviction
  • Declarations of Termination and Forfeiture of Term
  • Tresspass Claims and Injunctions, including Airspace Intrusions (Airspace Leases 🙂 )
  • Cellular Tower Lease/Licence Advice
  • Blocking Options to Renew Leases
  • Lease Arbitrations and Renewal Rent Arbitrations