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  • Appeals – Notices of Objection, Administrative Reviews and Assessment Appeals to the CRA or Tax Court of Canada (TCC) regarding Income Tax, GST, or CPP and EI assessments or decisions
  • Audits – Advice covered by solicitor-client privilege (get it early, especially if it could be bad)
  • Extensions – applications to the CRA or to the TCC regarding Missed Deadlines – Note: These have deadlines too!
  • Relief – Fairness applications for waiver of penalties and interest
  • Amnesty – Voluntary Disclosure Applications (coming forward before the CRA catches you)
  • Defense – Fail to Fail, Evasion, Failure to Comply with Requirements to Provide (These are criminal prosecutions we defend or resolve. David prosecuted tax for ten years. Even in a seemingly hopeless case, the investigator may make many mistakes or may have breached your rights)
  • Assistance to Accountants (call, no obligation) – Acting as Counsel and Engaging Account to Assist to Ensure Solicitor-Client Privilege Protection of Accountant Further Work Product File from CRA in Subsequent Civil or Criminal Matters
  • Contesting Net Worth Assessments (and planning advice)
  • Contesting Spouse Transfer Assessments and GAAR Assessments
  • Challenging Seizures (by execution or by search warrant), Excessive Seizure Response, Motions to Supress Documents (and hard drives seized), In Camera and Ex Parte Applications to Protect Document Privacy